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As a dedicated ship’s agent, the passion of satisfying principals has been central and essential for BMA. Handling ship’s call with efficiency, managing vessels and crews requirements with a great care has become BMA’s challenge. She currently handles a significant portion of tanker vessels calling offshore lome for commercial and technical purposes.
BMA makes the difference through the compounds of services provided and by giving peace of mind to her clients such as :

  • Lome daily situation at offshore
  • Port situation, fast and accurate berthing prospect
  • Vessels’clearance with togo Navy and local authorities
  • Detailed pro forma disbursement account
  • Crew replacement coordination
  • Medical care and crews requirements attendance
  • Vessels’ status update and daily report
  • Inspectors and Surveyors attendance
  • Management and coordination of derived demand of ship’s call.

BRIGHTNESS MARITIME GROUP  thanks to its know-how is daily facing logistical challenges with a growing ambition, to offer delivery and logistics services, especially for the transport of heavy and fragile goods.

In terms of intercontinental sea freight, our rigor and efficiency in transportation allow us to offer superior international logistics services.
In addition to logistics solutions for industrial products and for the general public, our company offers other specialized services and logistical support: Shipping and freight projects, Consolidation and deconsolidation, Door-to-door services.

With the technological innovations in the naval industry over the last few years, new techniques for ship hull cleaning by divers have been introduced. BRIGHTNESS MARITIME GROUP is at the forefront of competitiveness and has acquired a new complete equipment. Thanks to the know-how of the experienced divers, BRIGHTNESS MARITIME GROUP  guarantees the maintenance and external cleaning of the strainers, rudder, probes and propellers with precision and delicacy in order to preserve the paint coating. A complete check is made at the level of sheets and welds, propellers and propeller shafts. A diver report is produced at the end of the underwater fairing and underwater inspection service.

We have a proven knowledge of different customs regulations around the world. Whatever the destination or the origin of your goods, we assist you in operations with the customs services of the countries concerned. Our team maintains good relations with the administrations and bring you useful customs and customs clearance advice. We also provide tax assistance to facilitate the shipment of your goods.

BRIGHTNESS MARITIME GROUP has a charter and advisory service. Its task is to assist the general brokerage of goods and oil. We operate on the entire circuit with expertise at all levels. It is in this sense that we help you understand the regulations in force in Togo and defend your rights and interests. We have the ability to deliver cargo to a port as needed.

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